We aim to provide opportunities for the students and music lovers to perform and to gain staging experience.





Those who passed the audition are require to attend both events.


Students in Group A are required to join a course before the performance, please click the below "Course Details " button for more information.

組別 A的學生需在演出前參與音樂訓練課程,詳情請點擊以下 "Course Details" 按鈕,以獲得更多資訊。

Students in Group B are NOT required to attend any course before the performance.

組別 B 的學生不需參加任何課程,將會直接參與演出。 

Deadline for Registration:

5 April 2017

截止報名日期: 2017年4月5日


Registration Fee (Administration Fee):

HK$ 100

報名注冊費用(行政費用):港幣 100元正

Each group of performer just need to register once and pay ONE registration fee.


We aim at providing chance for the students to perform, all performers are FREE to join the performance.




Please read the audition details carefully before application.


Audition will take place from 6 to 15 April 2017. Piano will be provided during audition, but NO accompanist will be provided. Should you need other instruments, please bring along with you.

試音會在 2017 年 4月6至15日舉行。大會會在試音時提供鋼琴以供伴奏之用。但大會將不會提供伴奏人員。若需要其他樂器,請自行攜帶。