Carmen Lok was awarded with the Performing Diploma in piano of the Royal Schools of music and the Performing Diploma and  Pedagogy Diplo ma in piano of the SCS CUHK. She is honoured to have studied with great teachers such as Miss Maria Ho, Dr Li-Jian, mr Wong Ming Wah, Ms An Ling, pianist Dr Crystal Lam and  pianist Dr Franz Mo,Cheung-Yu. 

Carmen is completely dedicated to her work as a result of passion of music teaching. In the pass 20 years, Carmen has been actively attending seminars and workshops for pianists and  piano teachers. In 2016, Carmen finished a psychological course and awarded the qualification of a certified practitioner of Nero-Linguistics Programming. In 2017, she went to Vienna, where the best musicians all over the world gathered, for a piano master class and performed there. 

Carmen is also an accompanist. In 2014, she performed as an accompanist for the Concert of Commemoration of the 90th Anniversary of the death of Giacomo Puccini, which was presented by the Soprano Faith Ng Wing Chi.

Carmen believed that the craving for recognition through performing will eventually uplift the motivation to learn. So, she periodically organising performances for her students. From 2014 onwards, Carmen had her annual students’ piano recital in City Hall Recital Hall in order to provide her students a formal performance practice. In 2017, she arranged a performance for the young musicians from True Light Girls’ College.