(Vienna, Austria)

Claudia Sallagar  (Cellist)


Claudia Sallagar, born in Vienna in 1969 in a traditional family of musicians.


She studied cello at Vienna Conservatory with Prof. Joseph Luitz,  Prof. Wolfgang Herzer and studied at the Art University of Graz, Oberschützen, with Prof. Hildgund Posch. She obtained degree in instrumental pedagogy and Master degree in the concert field Artium.


She had been chosen to attend the Master classes with Prof. Harvey Shapiro (USA), Prof. Philipp Müller (France), Prof. Valter Depalj (Croatia) and Professor Arto Noras (Finland).


She had concerts with the Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra, the Vienna Rondo, the duo Accordicello and the Viennese waltz girl as a soloist, chamber and orchestral musician in Europe, Asia and America.


She had collaboration with Stephan Paryla in "Hur and minor."


She participated in the Star Orchestra at the ORF production "Dancing with the Stars".


She is now teaching at the music schools Poechlarn, Nibelungengau and the Alpine foothills in Lower Austria.



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