(Rome, Italy)

Daniele Centra (Tenor)


Daniel was born in Latin Centered. He began his musical studies at the age of 16 years at the academy Giuseppe Tartini latina with Maestro Antonio Cipriani. In the early ages, he studied violin, piano and musical theory. After a few years, he began his studies in classical singing led by master Claude Thiolas, Marinella Meli, Claudio Drawings and in recent years with the master Sergio Bertocchi, Marco Bohemians and Minji Kang.


Daniele plays the role Pinkerton in Madama Butterfly by Puccini in the Euclid theater in Rome, conducted by Maestro Sergio Oliva and sings as Alfredo in La Traviata, conducted by Maestro Antonio Cipriani at Spoleto  since 2014. He is actively participate in the opera concerts. In 2004, he sang in the concert for the Rotary Foundation in Latin America and in 2006,  he sang in the city of Bologna. In 2008, he sang in the Cannes Film Claude Debussy theater under the guidance of Maestro Antonio Cipriani and in the same year, he got the first runner up at the international competition "Leopold Mugnone." He was in the finalist in the international competition "Jole De Maria" chaired by baritone Renato Bruson.


In addition, Daniele was selected to participated in the master class by the contralto Bernadette Manca Di Nissa and soprano Francesca Patane.