(Sofia, Bulgaria)

Erma  Asparuhova Shopova (Pianist)


Erma was borned in Sofia, Bulgaria. She learnt piano when she was a child. She has finished at the State High school of music in Sofia specialize in piano and was graduated at the State Academy of Music in Sofia specialize in piano. She was studied with the distinguished Bulgarian piano composer- Andrey Stoyanov. She was the winner at a music competition organized by the Russe Philharmonic Orchestra. 


In 1995, special prize was given to her as an outstanding accompanist at the vocal competition in Bulgaria, organized by the composer Gueorgui Zlatev Cherkin.


She has been invited to be a piano specialist in St. Petersburg, Russia and was worked with the world famous piano pedagogue and performer P. AL. Serebriakov. She has worked as the accompanist in the International Piano Competition In Geneva , Switserland. 


She was selected as a permanent piano concerto master of the Bulgarian National choir at the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, and she worked with the head and artistic director Emil Tabakov. She worked in many opera concerts and ensembles concerts in Bulgaria and has worked with many well-known conductors , such as Evgeni Svatlanov, Riccardo Mutiq, Genadi Rozhdestvensky, Maurizio Arena, Zubin Meta and others. Besides, She has accompanied many famous operatic singers including Boris Christov, Gena Dimitrova, Nicola Gyuselev and others. She also worked as a pianist at the Philharmonic Choir, the State Academy of Music and the New Bulgarian University.


Erma has her own repertory from the world classical music, oratorio, operatic music, Russian opera and contemporary music made at National Sofia Brea Fund. Repetories include La Traviata, Turandot, Carmen, Aida, Trovatore, Nabucco, Boris Godunov, Persifal and Macbeth. Her excellent technical skills has been reflected in many positive critics.