(Naples, Italy)

Fabrizio Borghese (Tenor)


Labrizio was graduated in the Music Conservatory of Napoli.


During 2009, he won a scholarship at the international competition "Return Victorious" Ercolano section 2009 Neapolitan song. He was the winner of the Critics Award of The international opera competition "Augusto Zabaroni" Mercato San Severino.


In 2010, he won the prize of special "talents" in the international opera competition Augusto Zabaroni Mercato San Severino.


He received an emerging artist in 2009 during a gala evening at the Teatro Sannazzaro Prize by the musical colors of Naples. He was the tenor soloist at the "New Year's Concert" held in Villa Vannucchi in San Giorgio a Cremano in January 2010, 2011 and 2012 under the auspices of the municipality of San Giorgio a Cremano. And he was the tenor soloist in the concert "lyrically Napoli" in January 2014 at the Theatre Trianon Viviani in Naples.


Besides, he was in the finalist in the international opera competition Valerio Gentile 2010.

Finalist at the international opera Augusto Zabaroni Year 2011, finalist at the international opera Francesco Albanian 2012 and finalist in the selection "a voice for the Arena" 2014


From 2006 to 2010, he studied singing with Maestro Carlo Morelli, who is the director of the chamber music of the theater of San Carlo Napolia. Besides, he had studied with Maestro Sherman Lowe in Venice and Maestro N. Todisco in Naples.